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Living Inside the Rainbow

A Special Note From Our Founder. Just as with our Every quarter E-newsletter this Weekly Motivator Blog will begin to share insights about how to improve our communities and your personal health by loving well and giving in today’s changing world.   Our tips can help you be your best while we purpose to hear, assist, learn, prevent and restore children, victims, lives, communities and all of us effected by human rights issues, TIP (trafficking in persons) and other forms of human injustice. We also share fascinating, current topics that serve your personal growth and potential as an #EmpoweredChampion. People find, our "Community Rejuvenation Strategies" are keys for promoting what is truly "loving our neighbor",  plus, wellness and balancing how we are Empowered as Champions. The launching of a new global campaign to combat specifics of Human Trafficking as well as tackle the issue of Demand, is coming very very soon!  Our New Website and Logo