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Women: It's Time to Rest - Relax, Restore, Refresh

YOUTHIASM® Ministry Blog: Women: It's Time to Rest Nothing makes a woman (or anyone) feel old, look old, lack enthusiasm or be worn out with everyday life than having to secretly bear so much burden as a result of the troubles and challenges of life. By reason of the emotional, biological and general make up of a woman as opposed to that of a man, it can be safely asserted that no one bears more emotional, biological or any other burden than a woman. This in not to belittle or discountenance the emotional, biological or any other issues men deal with, but the truth is that women deal with much more. A good example is the process of childbirth. When a man and woman come together as husband and wife to have a child, the woman is the one who carries the pregnancy for nine month, goes through the labor and delivery, nurses the child and in most cases even until this day, have to be the child’s primary care giver. The things women have to deal with can turn out to be either a challe