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Freedom is all in your mind. When you are free in your mind (heart) then you can begin to live the life you were born to. I have been pondering what to really share and I wanted to take a step outside just to write something simple for a change to those of us who need that from time to time.  I have come to the profound conclusion that freedom is a process of how we see ourselves the world and those around us. Coming from brokenness it is often easy to think many our enemy. When really for many years I was my own worst enemy. I realized and understood that regardless of being out of sex-slavery and human trafficking in the physical sense. I was still very much in bondage. I also realize that the intense emotional and psychological damage that these violent crimes cause makes it difficult for the victim to see that we grow up with a very distorted view of who we are. And here in lies the quandary.  On the journey to wholeness we have to know for ourselves that the environment o