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There is No Medication that can give us a New Identity.   There is no drug that can change a bitter or broken heart. They can help (doctors prescribe) but it is only the restoration that comes in knowing God and the incredible reasons we are here right now that can begin to show us who we really are and the beauty and wonder that we are ultimately made of. When I think of the pain and struggle it took, not only for me but for many others whether the Human-Trafficking of Sex-Slavery (Soul-Assassination) or any other violent debauchery done to us (our souls; the will, mind and emotions) as children it is very difficult to wrap our brain around it in order to heal. Especially when it grows in us as children it becomes embedded in our DNA on a cellular level as well as deep in our brains.  I mean, the young sisters I see prostituting on the street that are 18-30, most got there as kids and now many have given up on them assuming they have chosen their life's work. There is no such