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Breaking Off Shackles

Slavery is not what happens when someone steals us into bondage. It's what happens when we remain there. Yes its true that the effects of "human-trafficking" slavery, human bondage (sexual, domestic workers, and all forms) is devastating. It is also true that the history of slavery is not a new one. Whether the  millions of African slaves (millions dying before arrival and many others tortured and slaughtered for sport while here in the USA and around the globe) brought over in wooden crates to small for human beings, packed in like sardines on boats bigger than the small minded men that drove them or the Jewish Holocaust victims and survivors tortured and enslaved along with others including gypsies, or the millions of slaughtered and enslaved American Indians  - It is not new. Slavery is not new. Nor, are the traumatic effects of slavery on nations, communities, cultures and individuals. But now, here, in this age and time "we the people" must be n