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Stranger Than Fiction But Love Always Wins

    The Weekly Motivator AUDIO Version - Listen Now!     "Stranger Than Fiction" is what takes place when we are stopped by the momentum of the power of life. It's innate and clear purpose and beauty, even when some are discombobulated to the troubled waters of indispensable , global,  national,  and community decisions and mainstream bewilderment treats causes and not symptoms of Human-Trafficking, rape, pedophilia and so on. I start the Weekly Motivator with you because it is you who have reached back and are regular readers from the following countries, thank for listening in the US, Malaysia, Portugal, Bulgaria, New Zealand,  Finland, South Africa,  Iraq, Australia,  Germany, Sweden, Israel, Ukraine, France, China, India, Spain, Poland,  Russia, South Korea, Canada, Switzerland, Jordan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Slovakia, Romania, Vietnam,  The Netherlands, Turkey, Thailand, Kenya,  United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Bahrain thank you for reading