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Why, What, Will, YOU - Large Events and Trafficking

This Campaign is about YOU. It is about US. About the simple fact that coming soon many will get tired of hearing the issue of "Human Trafficking" and just as the movement of HIV/AIDS, many will begin to think that for the most part  - enough awareness and enough healing has taken place. However, thousands are still dying of AIDS and thousands still contracting the decease of HIV and living in fear, shame and depression. The recent story below is a sign that all around us, girls and even boys, have been taken, maligned, held captive around us, with no one doing anything about it because some of us don't care and most don't notice nor understands the various nuances of victim identification in the first place, nor do they care to learn. I realize,  with all of the many emails I received regarding the SUPERBOWL it really is about anything and everything we can do to stop for just one... and then another.    It is not about one sporting event but all events, (confe