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Peeling Back The Layers

Life is truly a gift and so much more enjoyable  when we give. Albeit, even though some things  are difficult to look at - we only need open our  eyes and our hearts will do the rest.  The following link will let you know why we must forgive as survivors in order to heal our own  souls. As there is no way we can hold the  grievous acts of pedophiles in our hearts in any way. At the same time we can still see to it  that they (pedophiles, rapist and traffickers) are properly brought to trial and  certainly if they are not USA citizens not be  allowed reentry.  I will be speaking at a rally in NY on 10-19-12 to  teach and share what happens in many cases to the heart, mind and life of a girl or boy who has  been monstrously sexually pillaged and how it  has/can ruin and cripple a life, a community and  a culture. I will also be sharing about how when  we stand  together, regardless of spiritual or  political beliefs - in love we can move