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Loving You. June 8-14

Loving You... Is an important step to life's springs of emotional wealth, probably the most important. It is also the doorway to being able to receive love from others, as a matter of fact we cannot truly receive or understand love if we don't love ourselves. Do not hate yourself. I guess this may seem harsh to some. But when it comes to self there are no "gray" areas. You either do (love yourself) or you don't. This, loving you effects 'everything we do in life, including how we see our futures, our potential, how we see others and the world around us as well as our part in it. Because I once operated out of brokenness - I obviously went through a long period of self-loathing. I mean come on,  when what other people think or say about us sends us into a state of panic or depression we are operating out of brokenness. Whether we are narcissistic or operating out of zero confidence (low-selfesteem) it is still the realm of the 'ego' the realm of