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Take Time After Sexual Abuse to Heal

Take Time... I guess I could ask myself why do a blog now, why take time? I'm extremely busy with work and life (speaking about life after sex-slavery and abuse,  sharing portions of the film about my experience with others, being a wife, being a mentor in the Above The Noise mentoring program and getting that off of the ground, being an actress and a film-maker and loving on those I love) that's part of what I mean when I say work and life. But then I say to myself; How can I not? How can I not take time-to share what most don't even understand, unless you've been through it yourself. I once lived my life like a scared little mouse pretending to have the ability to deal with the trauma that I went through but when I was seeing and viewing the world from the brokenness caused by being a victim to survivor of sex-slavery, rape and abuse, how could I act normal.?  How could I always make level headed decisions when it came to love, relationships,