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Weekly Motivator - July 20-26 Pursue Peace

Getting past the past can seem difficult when there has been lots of pain and sorrow but often it is because as soon as we say past  - we THINK IT. I challenge you to try this instead; when the past comes up - SEE the future. See your future  - not based on anything accept ALL that is possible. Hindsight really does have a particular view that doesn't take a whole lot of discernment, afterall it is a  look back at most or sometimes all of the pieces of a certain situation we've been in and/or the choices we've made along the way. In addition, these choices were often made out of an obscured identity. But the point to this motivator is for those who are pursuing life to change that; to obtain the God dreamed wholeness of who you are meant and purposed to be. To this I say, pursue peace. Peace is strength and resting in the knowledge that - that, that you are destined for must come to past - and any good or horrible thing that has taken place must now be used as a poi