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Love Is The Answer Part 2

Love is as love does and that is why this love is the answer... What do we see when we look at the beauty of children? The innocence unrelenting and often obscure of it's own truth. Sometimes lost in the age of growing up to quickly by the sheer force of everyone around them being too busy to stop and recognize what is being lost?  Too busy growing, too busy building, too busy to answer a call, or spend a few hours per day with our own children, or someone else' by being a healthy mentor or big sister or brother. I feel so hopeful and yet so sad, bewildered when I think of the sheer evil and the steps to it's worldwide success, lest we forget that rape, trafficking, pedophilia are a billion dollar greedy sick greasy money industry with its roots surely lodged in dark places . Surely God in all of His glory has given us the answer... Have we hearkened, are we listening?Nothing in life is sudden. T he moment we want to b elieve something, we  s uddenly see all the