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Nothing, Nothing, Nothing Can Stop You

Nothing can stop you from living the life you know is yours. The one that you can touch and sense as you close your eyes you see, feel and envision it in your heart. Nothing can stop you from that life but you. It is true that we are living in an age where a common question doctors ask is "are you anxious?" "Are you feeling anxiety or are you depressed." "Do you feel like life is worth living?" Howbeit that the more they ask the worse it seems to get every year - statistically that is; as the numbers for depression go up and the anti-depressant drugs go out. If you had a dysfunctional upbringing it can get worse and if you add rape or crawling out of a hellhole of sex-slavery -  it's toppled exponentially. So what then? What do I say to the young woman who wrote me the other day to say that she was raped by her father and then her uncle. Her main question was not how she could heal - necessarily. In fact, she seemed upset with herself that she has