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Sharing Our Pain June 15-21 Happy Fathers Day!

Sharing our pain, fears and trauma as soon as we can is the most important part and the beginning of wholeness. I can only imagine the impact of the fire/passion that fills/feels the heart of many when they ponder the depths of despair that a child or person goes through when they are trafficked "soul assassinated" by sex-slavery and/or abused in any way. Albeit most of those I come across relate to it’s horror more clearly and honestly when they see it happening somewhere unfamiliar. Especially those I meet and speak with here at home in the USA. They realize about sex-slavery here but consider it more of an issue elsewhere and when it comes to teenage prostitution they look at these children (of which I was) as desiring to be there. The whole point of the statutory rape law was to protect innocent minors. As I mentioned in a previous blog - the human brain does not even develop until age 24 so how could it ever be a question of desire?  Author Terrie William's of the b