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More Too Life

 From I often stare at this logo as I am laying on my bed. As I stare off into this beautiful gift designed by Kenneth Ussenko on my behalf, I think about God, I ponder what I have been delivered and freed from physically and mentally by His "amazing grace." Thank for listening in Algeria, Mauritius, Philippines,  Armenia, US, Belize, Brazil, Georgia (Eurasia), Saint Lucia, Ecuador, Japan, Malaysia, Portugal, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Finland, South Africa,  Iraq, Australia, Cambodia,  Germany, Sweden, Israel, Ukraine, France, China, India, Spain, Poland,  Russia, South Korea, Canada, Switzerland, Jordan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Slovakia, Romania, Vietnam,  The Netherlands, Turkey, Thailand, Kenya,  United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Bahrain thank you for reading and allowing this to be part of your healing and awareness journey. I do not take it lightly and appreciate all you do for me and more importantly for those who need you right