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Happy Mother's Day - A Mother's Love - Great for Some - Painful for Others - LOVE ANYWAY

I realize that there are many that do not have great relationships with moms.  Truth be told we come across many especially in HT/TIP whose mothers did not know (so they say) that their children were being raped over and over again by their husbands, the child's father, step father or Moms friend.  This is hard and as well very painful, but if we don't address we cannot comfort the hurting.  There are adults who, to this day, your mother never really loved you,  mostly because she did not know how.  Why else and how could a mother not share love with the child from their womb. Even if that womb is the heart of God which is often the case with adopted children.  To this, I say,  LOVE ANYWAY,  not that you have to see her today or any day but you love because YOU have taken a higher road. YOU love because in that even if she abused you, she will see what love is, even if for the first time. As how can we show love to someone that harmed us unless in f