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Love Is The Answer

Audio Version: Enjoy this audio blog now! Click Here I'm with you those of you who have reached out and read this in the USA, Australia,  Germany, Sweden, Israel, Ukraine, France, China, India, Spain, Poland,  Russia, South Korea, Canada, Switzerland, Jordan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Slovakia, Romania, Vietnam,  The Netherlands, Turkey, Thailand, Kenya,  United Arab Emirates, and the Kingdom of Bahrain thank you for reading and allowing this to be part of your healing and awareness journey.   Congratulations to President Barack (which means praise) Obama (which means High Place) on this 19th Day of January and your Inauguration! We are looking to you Mr. President, to help with the grave issue of Modern Slavery and taking a lead in the work we do with victims to survivors right here at home! I look forward to meeting you someday! Please Support Sports for Freedom! Amazing Group of Heroes!   Cycle For Freedom Coming 2013                   There is noway to l