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True Happiness is Knowing Who You Are

True Happiness must come from deep within our soul and even the realm of our spirit. I have often struggled with the aftermath of abuse while pursuing to locate my earnest heart's desire in life and how to achieve it. I once heard that the "vision in life is where I desire to go and the mission is "how" I  am going to get there." I have gotten a few calls lately from women who are really suffering and confused about the rape and sex-slavery (soul-assassination) they experienced years ago.  My heart goes out to you guys immensely as we move forward. I also understand the depression and psycho babel that takes place in us and how discovering the lost of identity or and creating a new one is a key to healing. I made a decision some years ago that I had to choose my identity based on what every human-being has the right and ability to have and not on what I was taught or what I involuntarily learned through horrible acts and circumstances. This NEW identity