There is no resistance without what?

NOTE: Audio Version Coming Later - my laptop was ruined during Hurricane Sandy and I have had restructure in the process of our move so please bare with me. Thanks!

There is no resistance without moving forward and almost nothing truly worth possessing that is lasting without the difficult times that require profound perseverance. 


Today's Quote
“Then let us all do what is right, strive with all our might toward the unattainable, develop as fully as we can the gifts God has given us, and never stop learning”

- Ludwig Van Beethoven

When I was a small child I had this incredible way of being. I was happy about everything and everything was happy about me. Life was full of discovery. I used to play this spy game in back of our house and even though I was by myself it was as if the whole world with all of  its splendor and magic - all that is possible in a lifetime was right there with me.  But what happens when abuse begins is the loss of all  that magic. A loss of the unique identity (with only your name and DNA) not developed, often never FULLY discovered and if and when it is - it will be one heck of an astronomical journey.  This is for you. You who often feel alone as if no one else around you has a clue of what you are going through - and you're right - most don't. 

But honestly, that doesn't matter right now - what matters is that you're not alone and that you can and will with time reach you're place in the sun. This place is the best place on earth. It's the destination of knowing who you are, why you were born, what you were born for and that all the hell that has taken place will eventually become the thing that makes you the strongest and wisest from anything else you've gone through.

This is for you. Stay alert - alive and inline. Know this one thing that my mentor has often said to me about the personal, personality, psychological, and business goals I have - and now I will share it with you... Are you ready? Okay here it is - --- It's COMING, just keep believing and working in that. You will fulfill your dreams, destiny and purpose! However, give God room to help you arrange them - as God can dream a bigger dream for you than you ever could for yourself. Life does have many challenges and weighted  - they are all different for us all depending where we stand BUT on the other side of adversity and grave struggle is an equal and greater reward.         

Look, I shouldn't even be here - I could have so easily been dead but I have good news!

P.S I have just been Ordained.  I will share photos soon. Apostle Beverly Bam Crawford of BEFIC in Los Angeles my pastor of a long time and a powerful pastor/teacher. Me? an ordained, acting, film-making, NGO founder/activist and author? Come on... Only God through faith and great perseverance brought me to the place where I could ever have a life after death and so can you.


And that's what building for More Too Life's Above The Noise Prevention, Rehabilitation, Transformation ad Restoration Program is all about. Will you believe with me as I believe with you. The power of being on one accord is important.
God's Grace over you this week -  click here and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!.

Love Brook